Saturday, June 7, 2008

Top Pick Contracts are Insane

Darren McFadden signs with the Raiders, 6 years 60million 22 million guaranteed. That puts the top 4 picks' contracts at

Jake Long 5 years, 57.5 million, 30 million guaranteed

Chris Long-Unsigned

Matt Ryan- 6 years, 72 million, 34.75 million guaranteed

Darren McFadden- 6 years, 60 million, 22 million guaranteed

Jake Long gets a bigger contract the Orlando Pace (7 years, 52.9 million), Jonathan Ogden (5 years 50 mil) and Walter Jones (7 years, 52.5 million)

Chris Long will get more than Ryan did putting him over Dwight Freeney, formerly the highest paid defender in NFL history (6 years 72 million) and possibly over Jared Allen the new highest paid defender (6 years 72.36 million)

Matt Ryan gets more than every QB not named Peyton Manning or Ben Roethlisberger.

McFadden will make more per year than LaDainian Tomlinson (8 years 60 million)


My favorite team has a GM who doesn't miss on first round picks and finds cheap talent in the late rounds, so the owners can drag their feet as much as they like on this without bothering me, but those massive deals for guys that haven't proven a thing in the NFL are hurting the league.

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Virgile said...

Everyone agrees that it's even more than insane. But you don't see anyone from the league talking about an eventual rookie cap or anything. really don't understand.