Saturday, April 26, 2008

Draft Day thoughts

1. The sole goal Polian-Dungy Colts is to be the most boring, great team of all-time.
The Mike Pollak pick is another perfect example. He's the top center prospect in the draft and can play guard. Guard is a current need and Center is a future one. Pollak is likely to be a great player for a very long time. During that long span of likely future greatness he will go mostly unnoticed and Polian and Dungy will sit back and laugh knowing that they are one step closer to their goal.

2. The Titans picked Chris Johnson because they wanted me to hate them.
My feelings towards the Titans have ranged between several degrees of apathy in my NFL watching life. Before today I would describe my feelings towards them as being like those for an annoying and slightly incompetent co-worker. You don't like being around them, you have to clean up their mess sometimes, but at least they make you look good in comparison.
Now they picked my favorite Colts target when he doesn't fit their needs at all. There is no other reason for this pick, other than to provoke feelings of hatred that would make them a legitimate rival to the Colts. They can't be a threat to the Colts AFC South dominance, so they'll up the Titans-Colts rivalry by making the Colts fans hate them.

3. Brian Brohm will be a better QB the Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan is the product of the ESPN hype machine being so eager to crown the next super-amazing-clutch-star-QB that they can't even wait for the guy to play in the NFL before anointing him. They took Matt Ryan, solid draft prospect with a good arm solid experience decent college production and way too many stupid picks, into "Matty Ice" Crunch Time SuperStar. Ryan threw nearly as many picks last season as Brohm did in 3 years as a starter. Brohm changed offenses as a senior and kept his stellar numbers. Completion % predicts QB success better than any other measure. Ryan is totally mediocre. Brohm is the best of this below average class.

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Anonymous said...

On Matt Ryan, he's in the New England area, so he gets an auto-BJ from BSPN. He isn't clutch, he isn't even that good, and hell, Joe Flacco and Chad Henne had better arms, Brian Brohm has better numbers.

Then again, it is Atlanta who picked him, so hey. They have a thing for overrated QBs with no arms and tons of hype.

Sucks about Chris Johnson, but paranoia about the Colts maybe trying to jump back in to the first to nab him forced their hand. Wouldn't be the first time a team screwed themselves over in reaction to the Colts. Sure, Mario Williams did pretty good last year, but the Texans were 8 and 8, and still couldn't run the ball, still couldn't protect the QB. Hey, you could say Reggie Bush isn't all that great either, but I blame Sean Payton for desiginating Bush the Gadget guy. Coaching is as much to blame for failures as the players are.

Oh well, least the draft's over. No more Mel Kiper until next year.