Friday, April 4, 2008

Draft Tek, why hast thou forsaken me

I write a post pimping them

and in their next sim they piss me off.

They have the Colts passing on Chris Johnson and Cliff Avril to take TE Dustin Keller. Keller is a nice player but not a need like Avril and won't have the impact of Johnson. If the Colts take a TE early to replace Utecht, he has to replace Utecht. Utecht was a blocker first and then a safety valve for dumpoffs. Keller is a receiving TE. He's a bulked up WR. The Colts don't need a TE that duplicates what they already have in Clark and Fletcher. If the Colts are going to stick with a two TE set as the base the other TE must be a blocker or else they might as well put Gonzo in instead of the second TE.

Johnson and Forte both come off the board before the Colts 3rd round pick as does Avril. Because they passed on a RB they then take Kevin Smith in the 3rd passing on Bruce Davis and Marcus Howard who are going within 6 picks. To fill the DE need they reach for Tommy Blake causing them to miss out on Arman Sheilds, Rudolph Hardie and Jacob Tamme (who a now like less after thinking about the problems with the Keller pick).

So to get Keller, they miss on the two ideal backs, don't get one of the targeted pass rushers and can't take the best late round guys. If they are going to take a TE in that situation, take Cottam, at least he's gigantic and a solid blocker. I would hate that pick significantly less.

Hate it, Hate it, Hate it.

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