Thursday, May 22, 2008


The hit counter on this site tells when someone reaches my blog through a link and where the link was from (usually it's my SB Nation profile or a link from Big Blue Shoe at Stampede Blue), but I randomly checked it today for the first time in weeks and found something that made my day.

Someone found their way to my blog by typing a search into Google consisting of "Skip Bayless is a tool". I don't think I've felt more proud about what I'm doing blogging than I do right now. He is a tool, I wrote about a particular incident where he was a tool and people found it, read it, and said "yeah he's a tool."


coltsfanawalt said...

Shake, just to let you know, I check out your blog and enjoy it. I also enjoy reading your input on Stampede and 18to88. I don't comment here or much at 18o88, but I will some and I look forward to continued reading. I think I get all "commented out" at Stampede Blue, there is so much interaction there. (Oh, and occasionally at the SB sites for the Pats, Titans or Texans)

Anyhow, thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts consistently. I consider you a valuable resource for information as well as a kindred spirit.

Shake'n'bake said...

Thanks, I love to get responses to my thoughts but understand the "commented out" feeling. When I don't feel like posting I don't post, so it's only fair that when anyone reading this doesn't feel like commenting the don't have to.

Thanks again.