Monday, January 28, 2008

Skip Bayless, Hack or Tool?

a few minutes ago I happened to walk past my TV which I had left ESPN's "First Take" on and was hit with the stupidest sports question I've ever heard, "Who is more dominant in there respective sport, Tiger Woods or Tom Brady?


Even allowing for the usual amount of ESPN hyperbole and Pats ball washing that is ridiculous.

First of all you are comparing a individual sport to a team sport. Every single win of Tiger's is his alone. Brady doesn't do a single thing on the football field without the help of 10 teammates on offense and doesn't win a game without the help of 40-some teammates plus a large coaching staff. If Tiger has a bad day, he loses. If Brady gets outplayed by Chad Pennington (who wasn't even the starter for that game) or throws three picks in a playoff game his team still marches on towards 19-0.

Tiger Woods is in a class of his own. I don't even follow golf and I know that. Brady is great and an argument that he's the best in the game today can definitely be made, but he isn't in the same class of dominance as Tiger simply because you can make an argument that one of his contemporaries (Peyton) is better without being laughed out of the room. No one argues that Tiger isn't the best golfer around today, because he clearly is. Whether you think Tom Brady is the best or not, there is another QB in that discussion, making him nowhere near as dominant as Tiger Woods.

Donovan McNabb who was a guest on the show, answered Tiger without hesitation. Skip Bayless then took the side of Brady. The question is, is he a hack who took the opposite side, no matter how wrong simply to make an argument? Or is he a tool of unheard of proportions who actually believes that there is a bigger gap between Tom Brady and
Peyton Manning than between Tiger Woods and ?

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