Thursday, January 10, 2008

ESPN Reporter told by source that Ferentz is staying, reporter can't pronounce Ferentz

I keep ESPN on in the background while I'm on the computer reading real sports news. This usually just makes me angry and wonder why I do it. Yesterday was just another one of those days.

Some ESPN reporter was on with a breaking report from his sources, saying Iowa Football Coach Kirk Ferentz is staying at Iowa (just like he does every year) instead of jumping to the NFL. That didn't surprise me and I was actually happy to have any irrational fear of Ferentz leaving put to rest by ESPN. Then the reporter kept talking, this guy who supposedly has sources that know what coach Ferentz is going to do with his career, mispronounced Ferentz. Ok, once is fine, he misspoke it happens. He continued and over and over said the name wrong. How does he not know how to say the name when he has "sources" telling him that the guy is staying. How does he talk to his source and then not learn how to pronounce the name. Did no one at ESPN listen to the reporter talk before he went on. Ferentz isn't some nobody, he's a coach of a BCS conference team and a yearly NFL coaching candidate.

Repeat after me ESPN reporter with "sources" FAIR-rents not fur-RINSE (said as one syllable)

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