Sunday, January 6, 2008

Good Morning

It's 1:50 central time. The Bucs-Giants game started a while ago so I won't count my Bucs pick. Unless they are losing right now. Fair Enough?

The Chargers-Titans game is the one that I'm most interested in the result of, this game will set the Colts divisional round opponent. If the Chargers win the Colts get them at home. If the Titans pull the upset, they go to New England and the Jags head to Indy. The QB situation has some worried about who to pick/bet, it shouldn't. They both bring about the same amount to the table, not a whole lot. Collins is a competent passer and Young has great running ability. They are pretty close to interchangeable in how much they help their team. Only the Chargers have to worry about which one plays. The Titans will lose no matter who starts at QB. Chargers

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