Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Favorite Prospects-2nd rounders

While reading up on all the possible Colts picks there have been a few prospects that I really liked. Exciting players that fit what the Colts do. When these guys are taken there will be a response from me, either an excited fist pump as the Colts select them, a disappointed head in hands sigh when another team drafts them or a moment of frustration followed by a calm "In Polian we trust," if the Colts pass on a favorite.

Possible 2nd rounders
Chris Johnson- I joke about liking the East Carolina runningback so much it's become physical attraction, but he really is my favorite and no other pick by the Colts would be as exciting. Johnson can backup Addai, return kicks and line up in the slot providing depth at WR too. He's a threat to go for a TD every time the ball is in his hands and the Colts wealth of other options will keep him from being overworked or made ineffective by misuse as an every-down
up the middle pounding, back (see Bush, Reggie). How's this for a dangerous set, Wayne and Marvin split wide, Clark at TE, Peyton in the shotgun flanked by Addai and Chris Johnson. 5 elite receiving targets on the field and it's a legitimate running formation because of Clark's solid blocking at TE and former fullback Addai ready to lead Johnson through the hole.

Trevor Laws The end of 2006 and start of 2007 showed how the Tampa-2 is suppose to work, two fast safeties covering deep with the big physical corners playing short and the athletic linebackers filling the middle of the zone. The seven men in coverage blanket the field allowing no quick throws. Up front the DEs fly up the field and around the tackles. The QB looks to step up out of danger, but sees penetration from the DTs and can't. He's is forced into a bad throw into tight coverage or to eat the ball for a big sack.
Disruptive DTs have been what the Colts have lacked, likely because it's the only position where the Colts don't specifically look for a type of player that most teams don't like (slower but strong tackling corners, small fast linebackers and safeties who cover and undersized pass rushing DEs). The kind of DT that the Colts really need is the kind of D-linemen every other team wants. Big enough to play the run, but quick with pass rushing moves to penetrate or push the pocket. Anthony McFarland is that kind of DT and Raheem Brock seemed to be becoming one before his injury. With McFarland cut and now signed with Pittsburgh the Colts lack a big pass rushing DT. Ed Johnson can hold up against the run, but does little to pressure the QB. Trevor Laws can do both. He's slightly undersized but holds up against the run and he can pressure the QB. A pass rusher in the very solid, but unspectacular Ed Johnson's spot is the piece missing from the Colts starting lineup.

Marcus Howard

Q: Who started their career with this 3 year stat line?
Year Age Tm
G GS Sk Int Yds TD Lng PD FF Fmb FR Yds TD Tkl Ast Sfty
2003 22 IND
16 0 3.5 0 0 0 0 2 3 0 1 0 0 18 3
2004 23 IND
16 1 10.5

6 0 3 26 0 32 4
2005 24 IND
13 0 11.5 0 0 0 0 2 8 0 0 0 0 46 10

A: a fifth round pick who was dismissed as a "tweener" and pass rush specialist who racked up 25.5 sacks in 3 years in that role, became a starter in his fourth season and led the Colts in sacks in both the seasons since he entered the starting lineup, Robert Mathis.

The Colts need a backup DE who can rush the passer more than ever with Freeney returning from a season ending injury and last season revealing that none of the current backups are effective pass rushers. A second round pick is not too much a cost to fill this role and a player like Howard can definitely be a situational rusher early and grow into a staring role. Marcus Howard is likely to have a bigger immediate impact and progress faster because he is making the jump to the NFL from a higher level of competition than Mathis faced in D1-AA and is a more highly regarded prospect.

Andre Caldwell-just because O_O

Matt Forte- A HB/FB hybrid that blocks well and can catch the ball out of the backfield. He's basically Addai shifted further towards the FB end of the RB spectrum.

Xavier Adabi- Everything in his profiles screams Colts linebacker, but he's probably to highly touted to become one. He will be flying all over the field from the WILL for some lucky team very soom.

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