Monday, March 31, 2008

Fun with Colts

First of all it's an awesome site that gives you info that isn't around anywhere else. Check it out.

Armed with the amount each player currently under contract with the Colts will count against the 116 million dollar 08 salary cap, I'm going to take a look at where all the money is going, where it's money well spent and the one spot that it's not.

5 Great Values (underpaid players)
Antonie Bethea $462,250
Freddy Keiaho $551,000
Tony Ugoh $786,666
Kelvin Hayden $801,666
Joseph Addai $1,561,750

What do all these players have in common? They were great draft picks made by Bill Polian and are still on their rookie contracts. Bethea has filled in the role of underpaid pro-bowl safety after 2007 DPOY Bob Sanders got his well deserved mega-deal after spending his first four seasons playing for second round draft pick money. Bethea and Hayden's contracts end after the 2008 season making them RFA's if the Colts don't sign them to extensions. Both are vital pieces to the best defense the Colts have had in a very long time. They are big physical DBs that lay the big hit and have cover skills exceeding what is needed for the cover-2. Keiaho and Addai's deals go through 2009 and Ugoh is locked up until 2010.

5 Biggest Money Players (Superstars and paid like it)
Peyton Manning $18.7million
Marvin Harrison $12.0million
Bob Sanders $ 8.2million
Reggie Wayne $ 6.7million
Robert Mathis $ 6.7million

The highest paid defensive player in the NFL is third in cap charge on his own defense and is second on the D-line (third if you count the elephant on the cap below*). Manning deserves every penny and Marvin may have to restructure his deal, but won't actually need to give up any money.

The Free Agent Disaster
Corey Simon $ 6.0million

*=I'm not that good at fat jokes.

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