Monday, February 11, 2008

Colts Free Agent List

I had trouble finding a list of all the Colts free agents a while back. Colts Cap has the best one I've found, but I didn't find that while looking for a free agent list. So I'll list out the guys they have as FAs here and hopefully help any curious Colts fans searching the web.
Updated: 3/1/08, 3/11/08

Unrestricted FAs-
Rocky Boiman, OLB
Dallas Clark, TE/WR (Resigned, 6yrs-36million)
Dan Klecko, DT/FB
Ryan Lilja OG (Resigned, 5yrs-20million)
Aaron Moorehead WR
Jake Scott OG (Signed with Titans, 4yrs-20million)
Mike Seidman TE
Josh Thomas DE

Restricted FAs*-
Bryan Fletcher, TE (Tendered-$930,000)
Dylan Gandy, OG/C (Tendered-$930,000)
Matt Giordano, S (Tendered-$930,000)
Darrell Reid, DT/DE/special teams ace (Tendered-$930,000)
Ben Utecht, TE (Tendered-$930,000)

Exclusive Rights FAs**-
Ed Johnson DT (Resigned, 1yr 370,000)
Craphoso Thorpe WR/KR (released)

*=Restricted Free Agents are players whose contracts are up but have only 3 years of NFL service. Teams have the choice of 4 different contracts (tenders) to offer a RFA. If a team makes any of these offers the player does not become an unrestricted free agent (they stay under their teams control). Once an "tender" is made to a RFA other teams can negotiate with the player and agree to a contract. If an RFA and team come to an agreement on a contract the RFA's former team can match that contract and keep the player. If they choose not to match the offer the RFA's former team receives a draft pick from the players new team, the round that pick is in is determined by which tender amount that was originally offered.

The tender levels, their $ amount for 2007 and the draft compensation for them:

$2.35 million

First- and third-round
$1.85 million First-round
$1.3 million Second-round
$850,000 Determined by RFA's original draft status

**=Exclusive Rights Free Agents are players with only one or two years in the NFL. Their former teams can prevent them from becoming unrestricted free agents just by offering them a contract for the NFL minimum.

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