Saturday, February 23, 2008

A prospect for the Utecht Haters

Martellus Bennett, the 6'7" 250lb Tight End from Texas A&M. He could fill both the blocking TE and big redzone target roles for the Colts. He's an excellent blocker with good hands, but is a bit slow and needs work on his route running. He could more than fill Utecht's role. He has the same strengths, but many of the same weaknesses, including this scary phrase in his profile, "Does not always secure the ball."

Is super-size Utecht worth a 2nd round pick? He's ranked #33 overall by Matt Miller and #32 by, others are less high on him, but it's unlikely he'll be around by the time the Colts have their 3rd round pick. With Tight Ends and O linemen working out at the combine today he's a guy to watch.

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