Friday, February 15, 2008


New Mock Picks
2nd round
DT, Red Bryant, (profile) (profile2) Finally everyone's favorite part of the mock draft season, calling someone a moron for not knowing which type of player fits into each of the 32 team's systems. Huge (6'5" 330lbs), neither quick nor fast and having little impact as a pass rusher Bryant is not a Colts DT.

3rd round
WR, Andre Caldwell, (profile) A big play threat with the hands that caught the most passes in the history of the Florida Gators. Caldwell is fast, runs good routes and is quick out of cuts. At 6 foot 200lbs he looks like the rest of the Colts WR corps.

OT/OG Heath Benedict (profile) Like Rinehart, a small school star, all the tools, but didn't face top competition. Benedict began at Tennessee, but academic problems caused his move to D-II.

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