Friday, February 29, 2008

Late Update

Took two days instead of one (I never get anything done on my days off), but here's the rest of the Mock List update.

DE/DT Jason Jones, (3rd round) A big DE with experience at DT and good quickness. Probably a fit with the Colts in the DT rotation (though it's pretty solid as of now) and as the big DE (Josh Thomas' role).

DE Marcus Howard's evaluation sounds extremely similar to Robert Mathis pre-draft profiles; A DE with great production in college, but thought of as too small to play and has little/no experience at LB. Could be a good situational pass rusher available in the middle rounds.

And finally Draft Tek makes my night (so far, maybe I'll go out later like a normal person) by making Chris Johnson the Colts 2nd round pick.

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