Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Painful Cuts and Spending $$$

Anthony McFarland and Rob Morris were cut today after failing their physicals. It's sad to see two more quality well-liked players leave the Colts that way (it was Brandon Stokley and Monte Reagor last year). On the bright side for the Colts they now have another 8 million in cap room to work with, putting them more than 10 million under the cap. Let's ease the pain of losing two great guys by spending that 10 million.

10.5 million minus

-3.5 million for draft picks (picks from rounds 2 to 7 for Colts last year 3.2mil)

-1.86 million for 4th round tenders on Giordano and Gandy (930,000 each)

-1.o7 million for new contracts for Darrell Reid and Ben Utecht (guessing both made 435,000 last year so a 100,000 (23%) raise should do it

-600,000 for league minimum deals for Ed Johnson and Thorpe (Exclusive rights free agents)

-500,000 for Fletcher or Seidman, coaches choice since we never got to see Seidman play due to injury

That leaves 2.97 million left with Jake Scott, Josh Thomas, Rocky Boiman, Dan Klecko, Aaron
Moorehead and Bryan Fletcher or Mike Seidman as the Colts FAs remaining.

Scott is gone unless the free agent market for him totally collapses, Boiman isn't needed after being replaced by Hagler as a starter and Sessions as a backup, Klecko hardy saw the field last season, Moorehead sucks, and if Seidman hadn't gotten hurt and IRed either him or Fletcher would have been cut anyway. That leaves Josh Thomas, he's valuable as the big DE subbing in, but isn't anything special. Resigning him is the backup plan for what I'd really like-

I'd like to sign Travis LaBoy here, the only contract guesstimate I could find has him at 4.5 million a year, by backloading the deal that's possible to fit into 3 million in cap room this year or they could dip into the savings from Clark's extension (which I haven't counted since I don't know how much it'll be).

So, bring back Giordano, Gandy, Utecht, Reid, and a 3rd TE and let Scott, Thomas, Boiman, Klecko, Moorehead and Fletcher-Seidman go, then sign LaBoy.

(All cap numbers from the awesome Colts Cap.Net)

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