Saturday, December 15, 2007

Week 15 Picks

1 of 2 on the NFL Network games. I'll take it when it hurts the Pats draft position. Go Niners. If the 49ers win out with Shaun Hill he is my hero. 21 for 28 for 7 yards per attempt, a TD and no picks passing with a rushing TD thrown in. That's awesome. It's against the Bengals D, but he put up almost the exact same stat line last week against the Vikings. I didn't know he played well last week. Everyone was too busy making who the hell is Shaun Hill jokes (if I would have put any analysis into that game I would probably be guilty as well) to mention that he played far better than you could ever expect from a third string QB that enters mid-game because of an injury.
Go Niners, keep the Pat's dirty cheating hands off of a top 5 pick.

Time for the Sunday picks (getting them in tonight in case I oversleep).

Titans at Cheifs: When you get blown out by the Broncos you suck. When Vince Young is your Quarterback you also suck, but not as much.

Ravens at Dolphins: The Ravens are perfectly capable of losing to the Dolphins, but they can't because the Dolphins first win with be against the Pats and it will be the greatest moment in football history. You will be able to hear the heads of every smug Patriots fan exploding from across the country. (Not really though. About the Dolphins winning, not the exploding heads, that one would actually happen).

Patriots at Jets: My rank how awesome/hilarious the Pats losing their first game to would be. 1. Dolphins, 14-0 losing to 0-14. 2. Colts in the AFC championship, preferably with another game ending INT from Mr. Super Clutch. 3. Jets this week. "You cheated got what you deserved, stop crying like a little bitch about it."-Mangini after Belichick blows of the postgame handshake.

Bills at Browns: "Who'd after though this one would have playoff implicationts ROFL LOL!!!!!!1111!!111!!. -Everyone I hate

Seahawks at Panthers: {Insert "Vinny Testaverde is old" joke here} because it's the only interesting thing to say about the Panthers.
The Seahawks are looking better now that they've started to realize Shaun Alexander is washed up and adjusted. It only took them half the season.

Cardnals at Saints: How did no one see the Saints collapse coming? Their big defensive upgrade was Jason David. The Cardnals aren't good either so I had no real opinion. DVOA Says, the Saints.

Falcons at Bucs: Tampa Bay is still very good very quietly. I don't blame Petrino for fleeing the disaster that the Falcons are but the way he did it was the problem. He saw a way out and bailed about as fast as humanly possible.

Packers at Rams: Rams suck, I'm sleepy, more on this shitty matchup tomorrow or never.

Jags at Steelers: They lost to the Pats, but so has everyone. Jags are dangerous, but Pittsburgh is still the 3rd best team in the AFC. If the Steelers lose the Colts can clinch the 2 seed and first round bye with a win.

Colts at Raiders: I'm really surprised to hear so many people saying this is where JaMarcus should get his first start. Really? Against the number one pass defense? Against a team who's offense should put them behind quickly and keep them there? If your not putting the top pick in at the start of the season and hoping they can making it through without suffering irreparable emotional and physical damage (Peyton made it, David Carr however) then why throw them in a bad matchup. You've waited 14 weeks one more won't kill you.



Picky said...

Packers at Rams...why in the name of Roger Goodell is this game being broadcast in Indianapolis today? Two NFC teams and it's the only game to watch at 1pm. That irritates me. I can think of several games I would rather watch, almost all of which have playoff implications:


I would even rather watch the Dolphins game to see if they can keep the streak alive. Who decides these things?

Nevermind: I just looked at the broadcast schedule and found that all of those games are being broadcast on CBS, which only shows one game a week in Indianapolis. Who decides that then?

Shake'n'bake said...

I love this site.
It has where each game is being shown across the country.

Which game is shown where is decided by some complicated NFL rules in some places near NFL cities and by the networks in areas the NFL doesn't force to show certain teams.

CBS and Fox alternate weeks to show two games.

Look on the bright side, I get Titans-Cheifs, but no Indy game. Sometimes I really hate living 350 miles from my favorite team (the nearest team is 250 miles away, yay! midwest)