Thursday, December 6, 2007

Week 14 Picks

NFL network game tonight Bears-Redskins. Have to get that pick in tonight so I'll just do all of them for the week.

CHI @ WAS It's been months since we've seen "Bad" Rex. Will he be back this week? Maybe not, but do I trust him not to start unleashing the dragon? Hell no. I'll take the Redskins.

CAR @ JAC The Jags are very good. The Panthers aren't. It's that simple.

MIA @ BUF When you get blown out by the Jets you are not just a bad team, you are the worst team by far.

SD @ TEN The Chargers could blow the Titans out if they played as well as they have at times this year, but do I trust them to play well? Only about as far as I could throw Jamal Williams.

TB @ HOU A McCown brother at QB? Really? and they won? The Tampa Bay Bucs just win games.

OAK @ GB Time for the Aaron Rodgers era? I hope so just to end the sportswriters-Brett Favre orgy that's been going on for years and intensified to epic proportions with his surprise return from the land of the old washed up QBs. If he does start how many gunslings you think he'll throw? More than last weeks two?

DAL @ DET Everyone laughed at Kitna's 10 win prediction. I'm still laughing.

NYG @ PHI Was Eli adopted? The Eagles better hope so. The Giants won't blow this one.

STL @ CIN Steven Jackson is a beast. Now that he's finally back healthy the Rams are looking less bad than usual. Bulger is cleared so their good offense is back together. Football Outsiders' DVOA has a seemingly irrational love for the Bengals right now. Not letting it scare me off and will feel dumb when the Rams lose, but they're the pick.

MIN @ SF " ... and on the third week he rose" Three weeks after a minor knee sidelined him, Purple Jesus returned. Tavaris suddenly looks like a real QB, I'm shocked. If he's legit the Vikings are as scary as any team in the NFC.

ARI @ SEA Seahawks looked good last week. The Cardnals won on a questionable final call while losing their stud WRs to injury. Easy pick.

KC @ DEN I didn't think the Broncos were good last week, but I thought they could beat the Raiders. Not anymore. I officially declare the Broncos to suck.

PIT @ NE The only thing more obnoxious than guaranteeing a win is constantly whining about lack of respect. Looking at you HGHarrison. GO STEELERS!

CLE @ NYJ I'm writing last week's loss for Cleveland off. Steelers lost to the Cards too, weird things happen in the desert.

IND @ BAL I hate the Ravens so much for blowing the game. I hope the Colts crush them.
Reggie will call you "Boy" all he wants after his torches your ass Mr. McAllister.

NO @ ATL Signs of life from both teams last week. Only the Falcons did it using Chris Redman at QB. I don't know what to think about that.

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