Monday, December 10, 2007

Recapping Sunday

The Colts are finally getting healthy and back to their normally elite level of play. They just destroyed the Ravens. Missed most of the game because I was at work, so I'll talk about the only play that I saw that really stood out, along with the stats and recaps I've seen so far.

Anthony Gonzalez's first NFL TD. Sick double move on the Raven's backup CB. They gave Gonzo over 10 yards of cushion and he sold the comeback route so well that the corner bit hard and fell over when AG turned it back upfield. Awesome route running and great speed from the rookie. It took Reggie Wayne until his 3rd year to get all the way into the offense. Gonzalez has already topped Wayne's rookie season in two less games and the current Colts offense is at least, probably more, complex than when Reggie had to learn it.

Congrats to the best QB in the NFL for his 300th TD pass, now 4th on the all-time list.

Great game by the Colts in every aspect of the game (except kick coverage, Fire Russ Purnell). No turnovers or sacks on offense. 5 turnovers forced and no points allowed until garbage time on defense. Gary Brackett needs to be doing his hula dance in Hawaii (I'll accept Glendale, AZ too) in February. I'm going here to vote for him right now.

11 for 15 on the picks, nice week already. Thought about changing the Rams-Bengals pick when I found out Brock Berlin was starting, but I decided I had balls and won't ever change a pick once it's posted. That was kind of dumb. I'll keep the no changing rule for sure but, no more Sunday picks on Thursday.

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