Monday, December 3, 2007

How many ways can the Ravens give the Pats a win

- Go 3 and out on the 3 drives they had the lead in the fourth quarter.

-Pass the ball on 3rd and 1. The exact same shit Ravens players were calling Billick out for earlier this season.

-Stop on 4th and 1 negated by a Ravens timeout

-Stop on 4th and 1 Pats false start lets them replay the down (Why can't they decline the penalty? The Pats were short of the first).

-4th and 6, #28 puts his hands on Ben Watson (ticky-tack, but not too ridiculous to call) when he's still in good position and has help behind him and to the sides. First down Pats.

-Bart Scott completely loses his mind and costs the Ravens 30 yards of field position. His dumb ass was still jawing and trying to go after the ref that flagged him, he had to be dragged away by teammates. He broke away from his teammates multiple times and moved towards the ref when loose. Total Moron.

-Boller throws a pass down the middle of the field, far short of the TD, with 10 seconds left and no timeouts. The pass hits Pats DB Brandon Meriweather in the chest.

-Hail Mary comes up a yard short

-Ravens WR commits blatant Offensive pass interference on the Hail Mary, against a DB that was in worse position than the WR who caught it. So the pass shouldn't have counted even if he had made it into the endzone.

As a consolation prize, that puts my picks at 11 for 15 in my first posted week and my quick calculations have my fantasy team winning by 2.81 points.


Ian said...

False start penalties cannot be declined.

Shake'n'bake said...

I know but why shouldn't they?

Jonathan said...

Because the play stops when the whistle blows. The play never happened, so the penalty cannot be declined. Same principle as the Colts play earlier this year where we had the interception in the end zone, but the official blew the play dead thinking it was an incompletion, thereby negating the run-back. The league wants players to stop playing when the whistle blows to lower the risk of injury.