Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday Recap

The Texans scored the first and the last touchdowns, but that was all for them. Between the Texans two touchdowns the Colts put up 38 points all scored in the first 3 quarters, before the starters were pulled. Minus the hopefully minor injury to Addai this game couldn't have gone any better. The offense was clicking, the D was strong, allowing only 7 points until the Texans scored in the final minute against the backups. Even the special teams play was only below average instead of awful. If Addai is ok and I'd guess that he is since he returned after his injury long enough for a powerful TD run up the middle, then the game was a total success.

Tom Brady continues to throw lots of passes and throw most of them very well. He now has 536 attempts, completing 366 for 68.3% completions, 4450 yards, 48 TDs and 8 INTs. At the end of his record breaking 2004 season Peyton Manning had thrown 39 less passes, completed the same number (336), for a completion % 0.7% lower, 107 more yards, one more, TD and two more INTs. Tom Brady has a very good chance of tying and breaking Manning's TD record, but to do it he will have had to have thrown the ball over 40 more times, and will have needed more completions and games than Manning did. Brady is great, but this season is far from proof that he is better than Manning.

In what little of the Pats-Dolphins blowout I could stand to watch I saw Brady throw a ball to a receiver running up the sideline which flew directly between the Dolphins safety's hands as he jumped in front for the easy pick and into Gaffney's hands for Brady's 48th TD . The announcers then praised Brady's arm strength for 5 straight minutes before even mentioning how unbelievably lucky he was to not have it picked off. Absolutely Ridiculous.

The Shaun Hill led Niners continued to give the Pats a big "F YOU" with another win today. Now the highest the 1st round pick obtained by the Pats can be is 4th and the lowest 14th. If the season ended today it would be the 8th. Keep on climbing Niners!

Kyle Orton completed a higher % of his passes for a higher yards per attempt and per completion and threw more TDs. Favre did have two more gun-slings.

Picks were 11 of 15 and the Chargers over the Broncos pick won't have me worried.

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