Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More quick stuff

Colts win an ugly game. I was very happy with the defense, but the offense, especially the running game worried me. They can't think about resting most of the offense until they are in sync. The win locks up the #2 seed along with a 5th straight AFC South title and a NFL record 5th straight 12+ win season for the Colts.

Colts move up to #2 in DVOA and back into the top 10 highest DVOAs ever measured. If this team had been as healthy as 2004/2005 they would be the best Colts team ever.

Miami actually won. Football Outsiders had been saying they aren't that bad for a while now, but I hoped for history anyway.

Picks were 10 of 16. Not bad, after two great weeks picking a worse one was coming. This was about the normal week I've had picking before I started posting, 62.5% this week, 61.3% last season and 62.7% unposted this season. This week brings my posted record to 33/47 (70.2%) awesome.

Ben Utecht's catch % took a little fall from an amazing 88% to a still outstanding 83%. He's an Restricted Free Agent after the season. I'm hoping the Colts at least give him a Jason David like offer. 4th round tender, he'll either be back for cheap or Colts get another pick and with Polian doing the drafting a 4th rounder is a pretty good bet to be good.

Tom Brady did not throw 4 TDs in 21 or less attempts, actually he threw none. Meaning if he does break the TD record it will have taken him more attempts to do so than Manning needed. Counting his touchdowns before they're scored, anyone? Brady needs 3 TD passes in his next 61 to match the 564 passes that Dan Marino threw to set the TD record at 48.

And finally thanks to Big Blue Shoe at the awesome Colts blog Stampede Blue for (accidentally?) coming up with a better blog name. Dropped a "N" out of there, sounds better and it might be how everyone but me read it as.
Shaken-N-Baken----> Shake-n-Baken

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