Monday, December 3, 2007

Sunday Recap/Monday Preview

3 for 5 on the late game picks. Should it have been 4 for 5 with extra 8 fantasy point for me from Kellen Winslow?

I think so. Even with two defenders on his back he gets one foot in. Oh well, Winslow is an asshole, so maybe it's karma.

The makes me 10 for 14 on my first posted picks with the only pending pick Pats over Ravens.

Tonight I'm hoping for:

-Ravens pull the upset, the myth of Patriots invincibility dies forever.

-Brady and Gostkowski outscore Vrabel and Maroney by more than 14 fantasy points to lock up a playoff spot for my fantasy team. Preferably with Brady playing poorly, marking the beginning of the end of his run at the greatest QB season ever.

Good Luck, Ravens
Go Gostkowski

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