Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pro Bowl Voting closed, picks, pats

Really? After 13 games. That sucks. I didn't know that. And I thought that opening the voting as early as they do was the big problem with how it was set up. Starting the voting before mid-season and ending it before the season ends guarantees it will be a popularity contest. Do it right or take away the fan's vote. Allow voting over the last few weeks of the season and end it when the regular season does. Probowlers are announced a week from today. I'm sure I'll have plenty to say about them.

12 0f 16 on the picks, bringing by posted record to 23 of 31 (74.1%) Not too bad.

If Tom Brady doesn't throw the 4 TD passes he needs to tie the single season record in his next 21 attempts, it will have taken him more passes to tie the record than it took Peyton to set it. Brady is having an amazing season by any measure, but the raw (huge) numbers are less impressive when you consider the number of attempts he's taking to get there. He's thrown for 4095 yards and 45 TDs in 476 attempts. In Manning's record breaking 2004 season he threw for 4557 yards and 49 TDs in 497 attempts.
Brady is throwing the ball very well, he's also throwing it a lot. 36.6 attempts a game.

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