Saturday, December 22, 2007

Week 16 Picks

Steelers won to get the week off to a good start. Willie Parker's injury is unfortunate, but it allows Najeh "The Dump Truck" Davenport to take over the featured role in Pittsburgh. If you aren't familiar with the nickname or the story behind it you are missing out. I'm not sure if all the details ever came out, if they did someone please tell me, but the name refers to an incident while Davenport was at the University of Miami. Again, I don't know the full story but it ends with him dropping a deuce in a female student's laundry hamper. Link.

Already took the Cowboys for tonight. Sounds like Romo is good to go so I'm not worried about that one.

Bengals @ Browns Bengals=bad

Cheifs @ Lions Cheifs=bad

Texans @ Colts All I want to see in this game is no more injuries and the offense getting on track. Nothing else matters.
Packers @ Bears Come on, Bring Grossman back. Lovie, your QB will suck no matter which one you pick so at least let him fail spectacularly.

Giants @ Bills I really want the Giants to play their starters next week. If the Pats get to cruise to 16-0 against the Giants second stringers I'll be sad. Come on someone take them down. The hype is painfully obnoxious. Go Bills

Raiders @ Jags Now I really know how bad Garrard got robbed he's had this great season all while working a second job and it's a second job that ain't easy.

Eagles @ Saints FO has a nice piece about how amazingly awful Jason David has been in the Saints scheme. Putting a below average corner from a zone D into a man defense? Great Idea.

Bucs @ Niners Bucs have clinched their division and can't earn a 1st round bye so maybe it's time to ease off the gas and let some more Shaun Hill magic kill the Pats draft position.

Falcons @ Cardnals I don't think it's possible for the Falcons to go any lower. Even getting blown out by the Cardnals would just be a sideways move.

Dolphins @ Pats The Jets couldn't pull it off and the Dolphins got a win, so the best scenario for the Pats first loss is vs Colts in the AFC Championship. Still, Go Dolphins.

Ravens @ Seahawks The Ravens are chasing the Falcons to the bottom and the Seahawks were awful last week, but the Ravens clearly suck more.

Jets @ Titans I don't say many nice things about Vince Young but he does throw a better deep ball than Chad Pennington.

Redskins @ Vikings Even Tarvaris Jackson transforming back into the guy who could barely complete half his passes playing D2 football can't stop Purple Jesus.

Broncos @ Chargers Even Norv Turner can't turn a 13+ win team into one that misses the playoffs, you need Brian Billick for that.

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