Saturday, December 1, 2007

NFL picks

I try to pick the winners of every NFL game, usually against a friend and/or on my own. Now I'll post them here too. Obviously it doesn't count if it wasn't posted before the games start so I'm starting fresh, but this is my (worthless here) record 157/256 (61.3%) last season good enough to beat 6 of the 7 ESPN experts. 111/177 (62.7%) so far this season.

NFL Week 13 picks (pick in bold) Year To Date 0-0

GB @ DAL- doesn't count because it was yesterday. Had the Cowboys though.

SF @ CAR Niners are awful, but I'll be rooting for them because the Pats have their 1st round pick next draft and because I'm starting Frank Gore on my fantasy team.

BUF @ WAS Good game to explain how I make my picks. I pick the better team. The better team usually wins so if I can tell who is better (the hard part) I'll usually be right. It actually makes the picks easier, no messing around overthinking it with match-ups and motivations, just who is the better team? I think the Redskins are better.

HOU @ TEN Vince Young just wins games. Not really though, Titans D will get it done.

ATL @ STL Hard one. Both teams suck, neither D is impressive, and with Bulger out the QBs are both bad. So I'll take the team with a legit offensive weapon in Steven Jackson.

SEA @ PHI They played the Pats close. That puts them in a elite little group, even if they usually look terrible.

DET @ MIN The talking TV heads like calling the Lions D opportunistic. That's just another way of saying the other team gave the game away. Hail Purple Jesus.

JAC @ IND Because I always pick the team I think is better and I'm a huge Colts fan. I always think the Colts are the better team and therefore always pick the Colts. Lets go COLTS!

SD @ KC Chargers are sometimes bad, Cheifs are always bad.

NYJ @ MIA The Jets have proven they are good enough to beat a very good team when they execute well. The Dolphins haven't executed well enough to win a single game.

DEN @ OAK The most interesting thing about this game is JaMarcus Russel might play. I hope his throws the ball through the uprights from his knees at midfield. It's what they drafted him for.

CLE @ ARI For some reason the Browns became my favorite bad team last year. I thought Brady Quinn would ruin that (make me not like them, not make them not bad). Instead they're in the race for the playoffs and Quinn firmly entrenched as the backup.

TB @ NO Bucs are quietly good. The Saints are loudly mediocre.

NYG @ CHI So happy I root for the good Manning. Eli v Rexy, could be interesting.


NE @ BAL The only thing getting me through this Pats run and Tom Brady offensive explosion is Brady carrying my fantasy team to the playoffs.

Lets go all the teams I picked (except for the Pats and Panthers)

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